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Xiamen Sharing Umbrellas Into Subway Station Scanning Code Can Be Taken Away

Mar 16, 2018

A Shared umbrella for shade and rain! When the first "SK sharing superman umbrella" in xiamen was quietly fading out of the market, another Shared umbrella "magic umbrella" came into view. Recently, in the kitchen, general temple, zhenhai road subway station hall, a number of Taiwan called "magic umbrella" Shared umbrella terminal machine, citizens just sweep a cost code, it can take a long handle umbrella buffet.

What is the difference between it and the "SK share superman umbrella" that entered xiamen before? What are the problems? Reporter search street experience.


In addition to judging the demand, whether to increase the payment method, so that more people can enjoy the convenience, also need to share umbrella enterprises to take into consideration in advance. Human nature, convenience, do not occupy the city too much public space, share umbrella, believe can "convenient" more people. (xiamen daily paper/photo journalist lu xiaofeng)