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Windproof Umbrellas For Sale

Aug 07, 2017

What is Windproof umbrellas?Firstly,we must know the answer for this question,maybe not a very accurate defination,but there should be a description,then we will know the value of this kind umbrella.

As a windproof umbrella,should be strong enough to protect people from the wind and rain,its function should be better than the ordinary umbrellas.

We produce two styles of windproof umbrella.

One style is like below picture show:the high performance to price ratio,be with 14 ㎜ fiberglass shaft and 4.0 ㎜ fiberglass ribs,good quality 190T Pongee fabric,it has a group of loyal fans. 



The other style is like below picture show:upper and lower two layers nylon fabric,8 air holes,14 ㎜ fiberglass shaft and 8 5.0 ㎜ fiberglass ribs,more strong,more stable,more powerful


Choose our windproof umbrella,choose a warm harbour to protect you from the wind and rain!