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Umbrella Interpretation Of The True Meaning Of Love

Dec 11, 2017


A small  umbrella, not just an ordinary rain gear, more deduced the true meaning  of umbrella culture "love" - love of family, love of love, love of life,  love of market, love of nature. ....
Under the sun, the drizzle, the umbrella queue of mothers waiting for her children scattered children. This umbrella is infiltrated by the mother of children's love, the eyes revealed the mothers earnest hope. Love and hope to enchant the umbrella of maternal love.

Umbrellas,  paper umbrellas, butter umbrellas, black cloth umbrellas, folding  umbrellas, beautifully patterned umbrellas, plaid umbrellas, UV  umbrellas, paper umbrellas ... these ever-changing umbrellas , Is no longer an ordinary rain gear, is a symbol of beauty, make people younger and beautiful, is the love of life.