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Umbrella Here: Light Your Umbrella And Share It With Others

Dec 05, 2017

Netease digital news on September 3, according to foreign media reports, recently the LED Umbrella Here on the raised platform Kickstarter, it may be common Umbrella Umbrella into intelligence, the light indicates that the owner of the Umbrella to accept to share the Umbrella.So the product can help people who don't have umbrellas with umbrellas on rainy days, and can also create an occasion for communication.In addition, it has many practical functions.

The target for the product is $15,000, and it is currently 15 days away from the deadline. It has raised nearly $10,000.

Umbrella Here can be stuck on an Umbrella and you can tell people about your Umbrella by moving it.Lighting means accepting strangers sharing umbrellas.

Umbrella Here

Meet people


If you use Umbrella Here to help others, it will track the number of people you've helped and track your phone.
Avoid lost umbrella


Do you remember the last time you forgot to take your umbrella and remember it when it rained? With Umbrella Here, no matter where your Umbrella is missing, the Umbrella Here application will send a notification message on your phone to remind you to take your Umbrella.

Change the light to match your umbrella


Umbrella Here provides you with real-time information about rainy areas. Go to the Umbrella Here website or its mobile app and you can see if it's raining in the area you're heading to.


Umbrella Here is suitable for various umbrellas. You can use it just by stuffing it into an Umbrella and you can take it down when you don't need it.



You can use the mobile app to change the lighting color of your Umbrella Here, so that it matches your Umbrella color or your mood.
The weather forecast
When you're at home, Umbrella Here will become a weather station. It turns red when it's hot, and it turns blue when it's cold. When it rains, it also flashes to remind you of your Umbrella Here and Umbrella.

Know the exact area of rain



The device USES proven low-power wireless bluetooth technology that provides fast and stable connections and has industry-leading energy saving features.
In addition, the battery life of the Umbrella Here is 5 hours, but it can be used for up to one month in normal use (i.e. non-continuous use). It supports USB charging and can be charged in 90 minutes. (Wendy)