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The Related Content Of The Umbrella

Nov 30, 2017

The nano-raincoat umbrella is a combination of umbrellas and raincoats, and the nano-umbrellas receive umbrellas with three folding umbrellas and a straight umbrella. (simply put, there are two options for taking an umbrella.)Nanoraincoats can be transformed from nano-umbrellas, which are different from regular raincoats, because nano raincoats can be guaranteed from head to toe.Because of the nanomaterial, the umbrella can be dried and the umbrella turned into a raincoat, and the raincoat can only be done with a slight jump of the wearer.


Reverse the umbrella

The reverse umbrella can be reversed and its inventor, the 61-year-old British inventor Jenan Kazim.The opening of this kind of umbrella is opposite to the direction of closing, it can very well discharge the rainwater that accumulates in the umbrella.In the direction of the umbrella, it avoids the embarrassment of the parabid poking into the head of a passer-by.The inventors say the new design means that once the user puts the umbrella away, he can keep it dry for a long time, while avoiding injury in strong winds.

This kind of umbrella is put into the outside of the parasol and you need to go up, instead of pulling down like an umbrella.It doesn't allow the user to get a rainstorm on his home, and you don't have to do it to lift it above your head.It won't stick to the face, and once you get in the car, you'll be able to take it away without the rain.The umbrella will not be swept away by the wind, because the inside of the umbrella has already turned out.

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