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Topumbrella Older Children’s Day

Jun 03, 2016

Wow! It was Children’s day. When I was a child, I was so crazy about Children’s day.  I can get a lots of presents 、cookies and candy. And I can play games with my dear friends. That was wonderful! For now, I think not only the children looking forward to it, but also the adults. The children enjoy the holiday; the adults can find childlike innocence!

At 11 AM, our personnel manager came to our purchasing office and said that:” Hurry up! Come to the workshop, we’re going to have a celebration!” What’s going on? We looked at each other, and we didn’t know what happened! When our came to the workshop, OMG! That was really a surprise-----Children’s day celebration! As the members of Topumbrella, we all felt warm and surprise!

In the activity, some of our Topumbrella young mothers indulged in the memory of their childhood! And told us many interesting thing; catch small fish in the river, climbed trees, even fight with the boy…We found that our Topumbrella have many tough girl! Hahaha… 

Topumbrella prepared a lot of toys for our members’ children. Hoped their children enjoy the Children’s day and grow healthily! In order to take care of “some”  “older children”, Topumbrella prepared the hearty lunch for us!

In the whole activity, we told, laughed, and shared…Recall the childhood, everyone of our Topumbrella smiled with happiness! Although we no young any more, we don’t forget our initial determination! Even we are adults, I think we still need to enjoy the Children’s day! We need to keep out heart young; and I believe the life will be more enjoyable!