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Topumbrella -ODM Is Our Core Competitiveness

Oct 20, 2017


Our factory is making umbrellas more than 10 years and our product is focus to high end 

market.Our company from a single umbrella manufacturing industry to have its own brand, 

rely on is not only a company about making technology and the quality of the umbrella handle, 

more important is we have our own design capability, focus on customer needs and design the

 right umbrella for customers.

Share one design umbrella case for you:

World of warcraft:

In 2016, world of warcraft movie in the same period, we too optical network around the warcraft 

custom up umbrellas, precise use of the perfect combination of tribal alliance logo and umbrella,

 build for classical photograph echo of umbrella



Umbrella of the alliance characteristic slogan design adopts 

death  craft, excellent durability, color bright, cane umbrella handle using pure aluminum alloy material, oil paint technology, strive to quality and weight be satisfactory to both sides