Topumbrella News

Topumbrella News

Jan 14, 2016


Raining actually is a very nasty things for many people, not just because of the gloomy
weather letting a person with bad mood, while got wet everywhere is absolutely
inconvenience. It’s Believe that everyone have such experience, using the umbrella in the
outside and then come back to home or company, water will flow down from umbrella
and dripped all over the ground. Although now some office buildings or shopping mall will be ready for us in a plastic bag to pack an umbrella, but it is not environmental protection.

The way of opening is very different from traditional umbrella, it adopted from
the outgoing, opening from the bottom up, and the advantage is the umbrella on the rain will be directly intercept inside the umbrella when we closed the umbrella after the rain. It will not flow down the umbrella to the ground, and get wetland board. Also, it will
take a few seconds to open the umbrella thoroughly when we got off the car on a rainy day.