To Prevent Your Umbrella From Being Stolen

To Prevent Your Umbrella From Being Stolen

Dec 14, 2017

Rain brings inconvenience to travel, but it's even more annoying if the umbrella is stolen. Recently, Japanese netizens have come up with a way to prevent their umbrellas from being stolen.


In fact, the materials needed are very simple, the family has ready-made, who can produce. It is also simple to cut a hole in the leather and then insert the eye into it. (because the leather has buttons on its own, so as long as the size is moderate, it can be fixed directly to the umbrella handle, such a design as if there is one eye to help you look at the umbrella).


After seeing this method, many customers commented, "if the leather can fit in the umbrella handle of various umbrellas, it will be better to adjust the size so that the sales of the umbrella will be good."