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Three-fold Light And Practical Umbrella

Dec 11, 2017


Three-fold  umbrella is a kind of rain gear, as the name suggests is able to fold  three-fold, able to hold open, easy to carry umbrella. Three fold umbrella compact structure, durable, both useless.

The  19th century was the golden age of the development of umbrellas. As the  society progressed, many new materials were invented and various kinds  of umbrellas that were light and practical were created. It was during this period that there was a three-folded umbrella. With  the fluctuation of international raw material prices, the profits of  the three-folded umbrella are also challenged. How to deal with these  crises? Yiwu umbrella industry associations to  actively carry out brand awareness, promote high quality and efficiency,  in order to improve product competitiveness.

Three-fold umbrella has experienced ten years of development, from the raw material  suppliers, manufacturers, vendors set up a comprehensive umbrella  industry system, and gradually improve the umbrella umbrella umbrella  industry in the overall competitiveness in order to achieve greater development space.