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The Umbrella Of A Rolls Royce, Value 100 Thousand, What Can You Do Besides The Shelter Rain?

Dec 06, 2017

When the lady star comes down from the car
Can help them not to get out of the way
It's also more mysterious and elegant. Especially at some big awards parties
There are a lot of flashlights and lenses, if the hostess walks down
The skirt may be blown up by the wind, which can relieve the awkwardness by just backing up the umbrella.


It's usually the driver, or the car owner gets off first
Take out your umbrella and cover it, and the lady in the car will get off
This can also highlight the gentleman's chivalry.


In fact, Rolls-Royce focuses on every detail of the car
Make every design perfect
Don't look at it as an umbrella, it's a big deal!