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The Umbrella Can Unfold In Space

Dec 11, 2017


Space Umbrella is an  umbrella object that can be deployed in space, a few meters in diameter  and tens of meters in thickness between a few microns and tens of  microns.

In order to deal with enemy multispectral  detection, there are anti-infrared and visible light coating on the  surface of the space parachute. Space umbrella  diameter of a variety of specifications, generally 5-10 meters is  appropriate; space umbrella usually placed in the carousel umbrella bag,  when the umbrella bag into space when the start micro nozzle spin, and  the corresponding centrifugal force will space umbrella Expand. The  quality and volume of the umbrella bag can be made very small due to  the quality of the space umbrella and the small gathering space (the  diameter of the umbrella bag can be several tens of centimeters and the  quality can be several hundred grams).