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The Structure Of The Umbrella

Dec 12, 2017


The structure of the umbrella includes the umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, and umbrella. The handle is the backbone of the umbrella, which supports the whole umbrella. It is mainly made of wood, bamboo, metal and other materials. The umbrella bone supports the whole umbrella, which can be folded and opened for portability. Umbrella surface is the most important part of the umbrella is laden with responsibility for the rain, the materials for making plastic sheeting, tarps, silk and durable nylon cloth, umbrella cover in the umbrella umbrella to receive it after use, dust preventing damage, at the same time in and out of the bus and shopping malls an umbrella in the umbrella to cover, can reduce the drop to the ground, have the effect of civilization with an umbrella, the latest design structure is an umbrella and umbrella self-enclosed, this will prevent the loss of the umbrella cover.