The Side Column Umbrella

The Side Column Umbrella

Dec 12, 2017


The side column umbrella

1.The umbrella column is independent of one side and has 100% space utilization ratio. Avoid the trouble and embarrassment of the traditional sunshade that should be perforated on the table in use.

2.the precise design of the transmission mechanism and pulley system, one can easily open and close.

3.The umbrella has an umbrella on the umbrella. It is beautiful and beautiful with the umbrella seat. It is enough to resist the high wind below the level of 5.

Side column umbrella can make different vertical edge (no vertical edge, wave edge, hung straight edge), broaden the width of the vertical edge, bold and thicken umbrella, aggravating the marble pedestal, different domestic or imported fabrics, raised the height of the umbrella, etc