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The Performance Of Silver Coating Umbrella

Aug 05, 2016

The umbrella is a cool environment or shadowing the rain, snow tools. An English Umbrella comes from the Latin Umbra, shading, shadows meaning. The umbrella making material usually includes a malleable cloth, as material and winding skeleton and other available. When used in the hand will lift, although the umbrella in the first invented in the main purpose, is used to block the sunlight, but most often now regarded as tools for rainy days rain. Other effects include as a decoration, umbrella stick and weapon.

The Silver Coating Umbrella is one of the main products in Topumbrella Co., Ltd. Due to the design of simple and deeply loved by customers, naturally became popular daily necessities.

Why is he so popular?In the hot summer, you can deeply feel the powerful function of this umbrella---ultraviolet-proof

It is characterized by enhanced anti UV and no odor, not easy to aging; and silver umbrella is coated with anti UV coating,The principle of silver colloid is reflective heat and the quality of the coating directly determine the degree of UV protection.

Meanwhile,Topumbrella Co., Ltd was specialized in medium and high quality.As long as you believe us, your own umbrella will be created in the future,and they will become a good helper in everyone’s life.

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