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The Lightsaber Becomes A Cool Umbrella

Mar 05, 2018

The Star Wars movies the most unforgettable is certainly weapons used in cutting tools must be jedi warriors fight exogenous cool, powerful laser sword, so many toy factory manufacturers hold a selling point, have launched a variety of types of laser sword model, for users to buy. But such products are essentially useless and can only be used as playthings.

Recently called the Beast Kingdom (animal kingdoms) a whim, toy manufacturers will fancy laser sword and a perfect fusion of the Umbrella will be ordinary long Umbrella Umbrella handle, replaced the built-in LED lights, 100% with copy the original design of the laser sword Umbrella Umbrella handle, called Lightsaber Lightsaber Umbrella Umbrella. This product is now in the Big Bad Toy Store sale, priced at $69.99 (us $445), at this stage to provide blue, red, and green three color light sword umbrella, corresponding film roles respectively should skywalker, dark Wu Shida, vader and yoda, pick up the lightsaber umbrella embodiment is there a role for movies of the sense?


The umbrella weighs 2.5 kg, umbrella handles, 114 cm long, daily when not in use, the user basic can't find the uniqueness of this umbrella, only the Logo on the Star Wars the umbrella, prove that it was a Star Wars theme around the product. But when it rains, the user pushes the umbrella aside and pushes out the LED light switch. The cool laser sword is printed in the public eye, and the feeling of standing out is obvious. In addition, because of the highlighted features of LED lights, it also has the utility of night security warning lights, which can serve as a warning to drivers and improve user safety when walking by the roadside. Pure black umbrella, with an LED light bar handle, in the rainy night out the street use return rate absolute lever.

The above picture quotes from the Internet, for reference only.