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The Invention Of The Umbrella

Dec 11, 2017


Legend Luban wife Yun is also a craftsman. She  also states that she was the inventor of an umbrella. The first was her  umbrella when she gave her husband a door to build a house for others.

"Umbrella" word has long appeared, and she probably created an umbrella to support. Who invented the umbrella? There has been a lot of talk about this issue. Some  say that the earliest Egyptians used umbrellas. As early as 1200 BC,  Egyptian aristocrats often wanted slaves to parasail on their trips. Romans use umbrellas to shield the sun in the Mediterranean.

In China, umbrellas were invented by Luban's wife in 1000 BC, and umbrellas were called "movable houses." In the UK, umbrellas began to be used only in the 18th century. Umbrella was once a woman's specialty, said a woman's attitude towards love.