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The Invention And Application Of The Parachute

Dec 13, 2017


There is also information that the parachute was first invented by the arabs. For more than 1,000 years before the Wright brothers invented the plane, an Arab man made the craft with wood and cloak, and his craft was considered the first prototype of a parachute.

In the 1730s,  with the advent of balloons, parachutes in the circus began to enter the  aviation field in order to ensure the safety of floating people. According  to foreign information, at that time, some people made a silk scarf  skeleton parachute, placed in a semi-open state outside the balloon  basket, umbrella under the umbrella with a rope, the Department of the  body, if the balloon crashes, that is Parachute landing. This may be the earliest parachute for aviation activities. After  the aircraft came out, in order to save the flight crew in the plane  crash, the parachute has been further improved. In 1911 there was a  parachute that can be folded and packed in an aircraft cabin for  umbrella use. Parachutes began to equip bomber crews in 1914.