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The Function And Characteristic Of Various Advertising Umbrellas

Dec 13, 2017

Folding advertising umbrella:

Features: According to the choice of different fabrics, such advertising umbrella  can play a sunscreen UV effect, but also can play an ordinary umbrella  rain.

Straight gift advertising umbrella:
Features:  Comparison of rainy days, the volume can be customized according to the  actual situation of users, umbrella design is not restricted.

Golf advertising umbrella:
Features:  Rain and light dual-use large volume can hold more wind resistance  effect, the appearance of high-end atmosphere on the grade.

Advertising solor umbrella:
Features:  Suitable for outdoor use, for the protection of the sun shines directly  on the large sunshades, large tables and chairs can be placed under the  umbrella; suitable for outdoor promotions and large-scale performances  and other on-site ceremony of the display.