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The Difference Between Anti-umbrellas And Parasols

Jul 24, 2015

Hot summer days, UV radiation increasing people's awareness of sunscreen is also growing. Sunscreen has become popular in the market of goods, and Sun umbrella is undoubtedly is one of the protagonists of sunscreen in the summer.

At present, both brands of large shopping malls, is also a wide variety of wholesale markets, on different brands, technology, styles of umbrellas, are invariably accompanied by "anti-UV (ultraviolet)", "ultraviolet" logo. Industry experts say that some umbrella can cover the Sun and ultraviolet light still penetrates deep into fabrics, only specially coated with UV effect. As for effectiveness, tested to learn that umbrella UV protection function due to product quality and protection are not the same.

With umbrellas, some of the new umbrella brand prices up to more than 300 yuan, and cheaper but 10 Yuan. Prices vary widely, consumers find it hard to choose.

Reporters saw several large shopping malls, many consumers pay more attention to whether the umbrella shape fashion, the color is beautiful, while ignoring the mass of the sun itself and most of UV protection. Commodity market, the situation is different, inexpensive products are more popular, a Sun umbrella selling for 10 Yuan quickly. And business is vague: all the umbrellas can be UV, prices are not the same because brands are different.

If so, please? According to the international standards for the determination of the anti-UV properties of textiles assessment, when fabrics UPF is greater than 30 and UVA the transmittance is less than 5% can only be called "UV".