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The Correct Method Of Folding Umbrella

Dec 13, 2017

Folding umbrella is one of the most common living umbrella in the market. It is mainly convenient to carry. It is very important that we fold the folding umbrella in the correct way in life. Only the correct folding can prolong the life of the folding umbrella, and it will be more efficient.


Fold the folding umbrella correctly, especially for handling large area of umbrella cloth, usually hold the umbrella to hold the umbrella to the end of the umbrella, not let the umbrella spread; You can also use a grip to hold the end of the parasol, so it won't be easy to run out. The other side of the fold, folding the folding umbrella.


For folding umbrella to accept the umbrella to have the main point, generally just follow the direction of the umbrella, rotate the umbrella, the side of the umbrella will be flat. There is also a simple lazy method, put flat on the table roll up, so that it does not tilt.