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The Color Uv Glue Fold The Sun Umbrella

Oct 16, 2017


A good umbrella should be given not only from the rain and keep out the sun's function, should have the function that isolate the ultraviolet ray in the hot summer day and effective heat isolation effect, keep you in good mood when you go out。 today would like to introduce you to the color uv glue folding sun umbrellas, just have those advantages

Super light sun umbrella adopted heat reflective coating, can effectively reduce thirty percent of the calories, the space that gives you shade in hot summer. Give you a cool mood.

The Anti - UV coating, which can be reflected from effective UV, absorbing UV filter, from the underlying layers of protection coating, surface coating cen reflects heat and ultraviolet ray, demitint rubber isolation and ultraviolet light, the underlying density umbrella cloth to absorb UV light. Isolate the ultraviolet ray layer upon layer, effectively protect the skin.


Using like MacBOOK Air aluminum, lightsome and strong, not only super light weight, similar to most of the mobile phone weight, convenient use and convenient to carry for a long time. 12 edges umbrella design, thickening of 5052 aluminum can effectively enhance the fastness, handed round umbrella rod is more than against strong winds, more durable, more convenient to carry. Whole aluminum + resin fiber's shares at the same time, to be able to get a comprehensive because will not bring the rust problem of maintenance of umbrella, prolong the service life of the umbrella. New type of push-pull type switch, avoid the pain of the clamp fingers of traditional switch, safe and convenient use. To protect your fingers.


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