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Strong Outdoor Umbrellas On Sale

Dec 25, 2017

The model has a variety of choices, PU treatment, waterproof, strong color fastness, strong adhesion, washable, and a variety of colors to choose from.Product is suitable for leisure square, private garden, swimming pool, beach, coffee shops and other places Using approved by oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy square tube or the white baking lacquer surface treatment of steel square tube frame 1: tent frame adopts party GuanBian controls, surface coating processing, loose surface coating, waterproof coating, waterproof, anti-aging treatment. Cloth, 420 d, 600 d Oxford cloth, waterproof, uv protection, anti-aging treatment.

2;Tents can be used individually or in conjunction with multiple battalions, with a larger and more flexible application scope.Suitable for large-scale exhibitions, groups, public affairs, hotels, clubs, schools, and other outdoor sports and travel, beach, wild, expedition. Can be used as temporary venues, temporary garage, workplaces, etc.