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Shenzhen Subway Line 1 Is A Free Version Of Sharing Umbrellas

Dec 13, 2017

To give citizens the passenger travel more convenient, shenzhen metro and shenzhen university cooperation to "launch out a day for love" as the theme, the line 1 deep shinan park, hi-tech, bamboo forest and other 3 station to promote Shared an umbrella service project. The Shenzhen Metro version of the umbrella is completely free of charge compared to other shared products.

It is important to note that passengers can borrow an umbrella, an umbrella, and WeChat without needing an app. Within 15 days after the use of umbrellas, the umbrellas will not affect the umbrella flow. However, if an umbrella or umbrella is not kept on time, the service will not be used after the original mobile phone registration number. The station is currently restricted to the deep, high and new gardens and bamboo forest stations.