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Roman Umbrellas

Dec 12, 2017


Rome belongs to the side umbrella, umbrella but it compared with ordinary unilateral umbrella it is characteristic of umbrella in front of gradient is big, the area of the umbrella is big also, also because of this, the overall structure of the Roman umbrella sturdy solid, skeleton with aluminum alloy material, the overall design according to the simple style of the atmosphere. 

The umbrella cloth of the Roman umbrella is made of thick and dense material, the effect of sun shade is unmatched, the umbrella cloth and the umbrella bone are an organic whole, revealing to give me whose domineering temperament and generally no two luxurious temperament.

This is the most creative and casual shade in the market at present. The area is open under the umbrella, can arrange the table and chair freely; The direction of the umbrella is free to rotate, and it can easily block out the sunlight. Compared with other umbrellas, the Roman umbrellas have better shading effect.