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Overseas Buzz 19 Big | DE Media: Why The World Are Watching China This Week

Oct 18, 2017

DE media, said this week, China will become the focus of world attention for several reasons: the communist party of China on October 18, 19 senior general, general secretary of the CPC central committee, state President xi jinping, may through the conference of China's economic modernization.


According to German managers magazine web site reported that on October 16, at the same time, China's third quarter released official data are also expected to economic growth. These data will be a strong focus on, because in China, the world's second largest economy has long been fundamentally determines the fate of the world economy. 


Reported that observers say one reason is that China's economy positive signals: industrial producer prices rose more than expected. Recent data has shown strong growth. 

Reported that marcus cut "may not surprised on this development. As head of the cologne institute of capital markets, the asset managers regularly compile world trade index, are currently focused on China's trade activity.


According to the report, "China from the proportion of imports of goods and services in Asia is impressive," "say," China is still a world trade power, even if the United States and the European data is good too." Cut, "says dramatic and, recently, is not only China, Japan's exports

According to the report, as a result, a few months to promote the development of the capital market analysis cologne institute of world trade index higher. Exclusive get this web site, according to the index is now 82.7 points, to the best level since 2006. "Says thanks to China. 

Capital market analysis reports, cologne institute of observation in accordance with China's central bank recently released an evaluation. The assessment that the second half of this year the Chinese economy will regain momentum.

According to the report, China's central bank governor zhou xiaochuan said that China's economic growth is expected to reach 7% in the second half year. The people's bank of China website quoted Mr Zhou's words, over the past few years China's economic growth is slowing, but this year economic growth rebound kinetic energy. 

According to the report, in the first half of this year, China's economy grew by 6.9%, and the government for full-year growth target of 6.5%. 

According to the report, released this to the government is to growth in the third quarter preliminary accounting data is a good one million head. Although economists expect growth was only 6.8%, 6.6% in the fourth quarter, but zhou xiaochuan has said at the weekend, economic growth momentum to strengthen again. The main impetus to promote the growth of the economy, he said, from the rapid growth of household consumption. .

Reported that the relatively low inflation may also support the purchasing power: on September the consumer price index (CPI) rose 1.6%, and August is only rose 1.8% from a year earlier. In addition, the world export champion China successfully raised the price in the market. In September the producer price index (PPI) rose 6.9% from a year earlier.


According to the report, in this context, producer prices may be a good one million head, because it can make the company to reduce debt. China's economic recovery is also good news for the German economy. At present, China is the United States, France, Britain and the Netherlands after Germany's fifth largest export market.