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Online Shopping Of Umbrella Brand

Dec 22, 2017

James Smith & Sons

Their umbrellas are all handmade, umbrella umbrella stand and umbrella handle bar materials are carefully selected, is to use the good wood or flexible lightweight steel, which can calculate by the customer, the haute couture is the umbrella industry.The umbrellas that came out, waterproof and resistant to the wind, are still strong in windy days, and they are absolutely normal.


Pencil Umbrella with Leather Crook

The James Smith & Sons handmade umbrella, the new ring and long handle on the top of the umbrella design to ensure that the whole umbrella stand even will not be blown in the wind and rain day, an umbrella and umbrella handle is Italian leather, aureate adorn, make it an umbrella immediately become fashionable and elegant, this umbrella with black, red, brown, dark green, blue which a few kinds of color.