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Micro Mini Manual Umbrella

Oct 09, 2017

Having a good umbrella is a good thing.,it could protect you from the wind and rain,it is also could protect you from the hot sun,it lets people feel safe and confident during the rain day.even though the weather is good,holding an umbrella in hands,you will feel more comfortable not just umbrella can protect you from sunshine but also give a small square than belong to yourself.

Do you ever dream to own an umbrella like this:not only very strong and stable,but also convenient to carry?

Our new design 2018 new micro-mini-manual-umbrella can satisfy all looking forward to your umbrella,with unique design and convenient to carry.


Our advantages:

- We have our own umbrella factory and printing factory, we can control the delivery time and quality.

We can accept low MOQ customized produce, 200 pcs small amount we can produce.

The design, logo, color, frame, size all can be customized as you want.

Welcome to buy our windproof umbrellas.