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Method Of Repair Of Umbrella Bone

Dec 13, 2017

Umbrellas  easily broken place is a small cap on the edge of those small cap is inside the steel frame with the backbone, because the wind loose frame  loose, hat caused by loosening. In this case, the solution is to find a little thin cloth or plastic, the cap and the bar together into the plug. This umbrella can continue to use.

It is also a common situation that the skeleton of the umbrella is broken at the connection of the steel bars. This occurs when one or more of the  umbrellas are open when the umbrella is open. This  situation, the solution is to find a pair of pliers, it is best to use  the needle nose pliers will be more convenient, as well as wire. Careful observation to find the iron cap will be connected to the Department to remove the bad, with wire instead. Tighten with pliers, and pay attention to the end of the wire  screwed the other side of the umbrella do not scratch the umbrella  surface.

There is also a situation where the umbrella's retractable card is broken. After the umbrella is opened, the card can not always hold it automatically. You can not always walk by hand while walking! The solution to this situation generally requires the use of knives such as fruit knives. Will  open the card bit flat, because the total use, there is the wind and  the damaging, making the card that uneven, rounded, unable to hold an  umbrella. Flatten the plastic card with a knife can be solved. The general problems with these methods can be solved.

In addition to the umbrella above several situations need to be repaired,  there are several situations: the wind easily lead to the section of the  ribs bent wire, wire can be directly pull the hand to avoid rivets off  or umbrella cloth puncture; umbrella handle Rusty,  easy to open and closed due to the inconvenience, with a small  screwdriver or toothpick dipped in the handle drops of handle joints,  and then open and close several times; if you can not solve, then you  had to throw the umbrella, because the umbrella structure It's that simple. Big problem, no need to repair.