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Material Made By Parachute

Dec 13, 2017


With two-thirds in the parachute material is made of the textile material, the performance of the parachute is closely related to the textile materials, textile materials applied in the field of aviation, has gradually formed a unique category. 

Textile materials used for the parachute at the beginning of the silk, long-staple cotton and flax, and high quality after is replaced with nylon yarn as kevlar aramid fiber - 29 fiber and the emergence of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, parachute performance to improve and strengthen. 

Parachute with the fabric performance besides depends on the fiber material, to a large extent also depends on the fabric of the organization structure, adopting the plain weave and increase warp/weft density or on the basis of plain weave and formed on the grid with a coarse yarn in the fabric appearance and so on ways to improve the fabric strength and tearing resistance, improve the handle.