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How To Shade And Cool Little Umbrellas To Buy Tips

Jul 24, 2015

Optional umbrella tips

Salespeople told reporters in choosing the umbrella surface, fabric textiles apparently sparse umbrella anti-UV poor performance in General. Due to its shrinking properties of fabrics, when buying umbrellas, umbrella should be larger rather than smaller. Fabric colors and UV protection properties. Under the same conditions, the darker the UV resistance of the fabric, the better, by contrast, black, Navy Blue, dark green, light blue, light pink, light yellow, UV-resistant performance is better. Under umbrellas in wet conditions, due to the optical transmission of water, increased ultraviolet transmittance, and protective effect of lowering.

Also, reporter also was informed that, according to national standards textiles anti-UV performance of evaluation of provides, UPF (UV protection coefficient value) is greater than 30, and UVA (Longwave UV) through rate is less than 5% Shi, to called anti-UV products, protection grade standard for "upf30+"; Dang UPF is greater than 50 o'clock, showed that products UV protection performance very better, protection grade identifies for "upf50+". When consumers buy, carefully review the protection level identification.