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How To Choose A Good UV Protection Umbrellas?

Jul 24, 2015

With the arrival of summer, how to pick a suitable umbrella, a wide variety of issues of concern to women. On the choice of fabric are used has UV protection effect of silver cloth, and disadvantage of silver duct tape, was contracted with the drying of the climate. Now there is a silk-like fabric, add a layer of transparent UV gel ', also has good UV protection, but also would not be affected by climate change opening. But in the skeleton, small parasol Cun, selection of 47CM-53CM, mostly operated by 30 percent or 40 percent style, easy to carry. Materials are selected in aluminum alloy Rod frame, light weight, also take up less space in the package.

UV protection umbrella silver surface works well, but aged silver black, affect the appearance. Fabric textile apparently sparse umbrella UV resistance is generally poor. In addition, due to the characteristics of umbrella fabric has shrunk, so when consumers in the purchase of sun umbrellas, umbrella should be larger rather than smaller.

Testing shows that umbrella fabric colors and UV protection properties. Under the same conditions, the darker the fabric, its UV-resistant performance is also better. By contrast, black, Navy Blue, dark green, light blue, light pink, light yellow and anti-UV properties.