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Guardians Of The Declaration - Topumbrella Comrades

Oct 24, 2017

My dear comrades, four suitable guardians

Congratulations to the hero's stage - four, will you be here my age of heroes, practice your struggle of life; At the same time you also a happy four suitable for more than a hero, for four shun, you are our guardian is also our comrades. We are like-minded, unyielding, go up the era of hero!

People exists between heaven and earth are supposed to be a bit into one of four suitable pursues value is: life is a process of struggle, no struggle, quit! That life is in vain, please leave if you are not ready to struggle! Four suitable only unyielding, not passive; We desire a hero, we reject mediocrity and a coward, because four suitable to be a hero!

Hero should have their own pattern, pattern is the breadth and depth of the soul, four shun is a child of grapefruit, she should be insufficient and defect, she needs time, she needs to grow, and that requires the guardian I want to have that great a bosom and love to the customer! Hero is a mind. Hero is a pattern: a hero is to have a big love!

Hero should have their own aspirations and ideals, and undying devotion to pursue and pursue, unswervingly to implement, without faith, without the pursuit of pale, is small, is poor. You are not the small poor man, you are a hero, you are four suitable guardians. The four is a boat in business if you are a thief, the four shun is a false; If you are a brave sailor, then four shun's ride the waves in a ship! Casting stage of life by himself, the four by you. In four to believe or you don't like the thief, stealing your time, stealing his own life, stealing their achievements, stealing four of success.

Believe you are the sailor, you are a hero, believe that you are four true guardians. You will be in the war on the ship to conquer yourself, beyond themselves, the achievement of yourself!

And you struggle, fight together with you is my pleasure! Let's implement and dream of life together.

With your comrades: Topumbrella