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Golf Umbrella With High Quality Features

Dec 13, 2017


We can often see this kind of umbrella in the golf club, so named after many are quoting golf umbrella, this umbrella is the most obvious characteristic is big, can be said to be the largest umbrella, is let two people commonly use. Normal specifications between 25 and 32 inches. As more and more people understand the umbrella, good quality, elegant appearance, excellent characteristics such as sunshine rain effect is good, the golf umbrella of popularization and gradually, upscale hotels, upscale clubs, high-grade residential villas, even also has used a lot of.

Golf umbrella materials are usually picky. The body of the umbrella is made of all fibers, the fibre umbrella is ductile, and the umbrella lamp is not blown away by the wind at night. But there are also some cost angles, and there are also umbrellas that use iron bones, usually without fibre.