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Golf Umbrella

Jan 28, 2016

Do you know what is the Golf Umbrella? What the features of it ? What  is the advantage and disadvantage? Now share all of you.

The normal specification of Golf Umbrella is between 25 inches -32 inches.And owe to its high quality, elegant appearance, good shade rain effect and other fine features, it gradually popular in luxury hotels, upscale clubs, luxury residential villas. So Golf Umbrella is not just use in the Golf links.

The material of Golf Umbrella is more sophisticated comparing with other umbrella. Golf Umbrella is usually made by fiberglass material, the unique toughness fiber umbrella stand,which can guarantee the umbrella won’t blown off by the wind.Of course there are other material for the Golf Umbrella,such as iron,aluminum. But considering the windproof,normally we would not recommend that for my customers.

Why the Golf Umbrella has the windproof effect? One is the material of the Golf Umbrella,the other one is the design of it.

Because the umbrella is so large, the people usually  can’t catch it after a gust of wind firmly. Now this problem has been resolved in a better way, that is making a double umbrella side.when used in the daily life, the rainwater can not enter the umbrella inside, and the wind can go through cloth by the bottom cloth.

Owing the special material and the design, more and more people like it and it find a market in the global world.If you intend to buy one or some for wholesale, just come to our Topumbrella company. There are so many popular style umbrellas in our sample room for your free choose. Trust me,trust us ,just come.