Fishing Umbrella

Fishing Umbrella

Dec 12, 2017


It's a combination of a beach umbrella and a British tent. People like beach umbrellas in the beach, fitted on fishing umbrella son used to insert firmly, and for the convenience of rod cast, put the umbrella on a variety of elbow, to wind, deserve to go up wind plug, drafty mouth, such as aluminum alloy and fiber material and to reduce the weight of the umbrella, thus formed the fishing umbrella is popular in the market now.

In addition to China, there are also Britain, South Korea, Japan and other countries, such as Britain and other European countries.

It is easy to carry, strong and durable, anti-wind and rain anti-ultraviolet, and the shape is beautiful, it is the development trend of the future, the current phishing umbrella has yet to be improved in waterproof. New materials and processes are needed to solve and improve product quality. Some manufacturers have developed anti-rain umbrellas, including balls, shields and other brands. As an umbrella family, the angling umbrella has a lot of development space.