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Different Call For National Countries

Dec 12, 2017


China is the world's first country to invent umbrellas, and has been at least 3500 years old since its invention. In the wei dynasty, umbrellas were used in official instruments and people called them "umbrellas".

Japan in the tang dynasty has sent to China 19 batches of "regulations", and more than a 500 people, including doctors, painters, musicians, and scholars, they to the professional view and study Chinese culture, not only the Chinese calendar, astronomy, music, art and culture to Japan, also including system umbrella process, a variety of production technology, manufacturing technology to Japan.

Umbrellas were introduced to Europe via Greece, Italy and Turkey.

By 1787, the umbrella's popularity in the UK managed to form a considerable scale, and in the neighbouring France, ms ladies have the elegant with acme of umbrella, rainy days travel not only to an umbrella, sunny day in the shade with it. And it is this part of sun shading that causes the umbrella to move to lightness and grace.