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Chinese Oil Paper Umbrellas

Dec 11, 2017


Paper umbrella  is a paper-made umbrella originated in China. It is also spread to other  parts of Asia such as Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and  other places. Oil-paper umbrellas with local characteristics have been  developed everywhere. As some Hakkas moved to settle in Taiwan, Chinese oil paper umbrellas have also developed in Taiwan. Paper  umbrella in addition to block the sun daily necessities, but also marry  an indispensable wedding custom etiquette items, the Chinese  traditional wedding, the bride to marry the next sedan, Xi Niang will  use red oil.

Paper umbrella cover the bride as a refuge. The  traditional wedding in Japan, the bride will be covered with red paper  umbrellas, the elderly like a purple umbrella symbol of longevity,  funeral will use a white umbrella. Japanese traditional dance will also use oil paper umbrella as props, tea ceremony performances used to use "parachute."