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An Umbrella Structure And Difference

Jul 24, 2015


50 percent

Pros: folded length of about 16CM, weight is generally around 220. Easy to carry, with spare, not afraid to take to weather changes. To Sun, rain, most of which is rain or dual-use

Disadvantages: a few more, so it will move around, which is normal, good folding umbrella, umbrella skeleton set up section by section, one better than a fine, fine down heavy and coarse-fine on the two

Three fold umbrella

Pros: folded length of 22CM, weight 230 g (different textures and weights). Easy up, are the most practical style.

Disadvantages: slightly larger volume and length, some small bags fit to bring up 50 percent

20 percent

Pros: folded length of 33CM, weight 300 grams, is the steel skeleton of the more substantial, more beautiful, and very small umbrella feeling, is a fancy umbrella, good weight

Disadvantages: large size, and comparison of the inconvenience to carry.

Pocket umbrella

Pros: folded length of 15CM, weighing 150-180 grams (and lighter), convenient to carry and beautiful.

Disadvantages: umbrella is small and is not suitable for rain