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wine bottle umbrella

Nov 09, 2017


This is not just a beautiful bottle, open the top out of the bottle is a beautiful umbrella. The bottle with chic modelling, umbrella collection inside, not only can stand, pull open the cap hanging rope can also hang up, become a beautiful furnishings; Put the wet umbrella inside will not leak; Do not provide craftsmanship, full of appeal of the product as a gift is also a good choice.

Wine bottle umbrella (also called: concept bottle umbrella, concepts, gift wine bottle umbrella) characteristics and functions

1, this is a very unique umbrella, as the art of umbrella, at ordinary times need not, in the home, is a very, very beautiful art furnishings!

2, both in the sunny days and on rainy days, open the bottle's memory, in the days of missing the flavor of looking for love, folding up an umbrella, to experience the romantic, charming, the rainy season is suitable for you, mood, making beauty never grows old.

3, unscrew the bottleneck, is folding up an umbrella, when not, an umbrella folded up in a bottle, it can avoid the rain lane wetland surface or clothing, hidden in the cork hang rope, convenient to hang it up, very clever.

4, the bottle umbrella is elegant and creative details, so with hands in between. Have such a beautiful umbrella, boys love beautiful girl, sure not to forget to carry out.