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Who invented the umbrella

Mar 21, 2018

The umbrella was originally invented by our country, which was allegedly invented by lu ban's wife, yun. In the Confucius home language, he said, "the tan of Confucius, the path of the chengzi, and the words of the founder." The "cover" here means "umbrella". "The history of the five emperors" recorded the rain gear of the same kind of umbrella, so it can be seen that the umbrella has been in our country for more than 4,000 years. The earliest known as the "canopy", the tang dynasty li yanshou wrote "the south history" and "northern history" to officially name the umbrella. Ancient umbrella is dignitaries of adornment and the symbol of scholar-bureaucrat power, in the king group Tours, long handle fan and "umbrella" all the people left variety right, take a car with an umbrella on yu, said the people "shade". The size and color of the "luo umbrella" are strictly distinguished from each other, and this practice has been transmitted to the Ming dynasty. Paper umbrellas came out after the han dynasty and were introduced to Japan in the tang dynasty and introduced to Europe in the 16th century. Italian art master Da Vinci designed the first parachute inspired by an umbrella. Bevel gears, invented in the 18th century, are also designed to mimic the shape of an umbrella.


In 1957, Beijing normal university, the old professor Yan if elbow can be curved and inspired from the human body, thought that if we can according to this principle, make a like one elbow and flexible folding umbrella, it's much more convenient to carry people, hence, to improve the current umbrella, he designed the drawings, and personally make processing technology and die design, the final agreement with Beijing at a mechanical processing plant - zhongfu factory, by the plant and sales. The folding umbrella was popular among the masses for its convenience, and it soon became popular all over the country.