What is the principle of an air umbrella?

What is the principle of an air umbrella?

Mar 21, 2018

A new kind of umbrella has been popular among netizens recently. It is understood that this kind of umbrella is very different from the traditional umbrella, it is to use the air to separate the rain from the people. The inconvenience of using a traditional umbrella is that it can be blown up by the wind, or in the crowd, so air umbrellas are born.

But is the price of an air umbrella that looks like a high-tech one expensive? It is understood that there are no air umbrellas sold in the market today, most of which are pre-sale activities by some stores on the Internet, so the price of air umbrellas has not been decided yet. However, the price range of the forecast air umbrella will be relatively large, and the initial estimate is between 300 and 800 RMB. Some netizens predict that the price of air umbrella may be 10,000, which is only to be known if the air umbrella really starts to sell. Let's wait and see.


The principle of air umbrella.
The unique design of the air umbrella USES the air to form a "force field", allowing the user to deflect the rain from the top of the head.

How do air umbrellas operate?

There is a button at the bottom of the air umbrella to control the switch, and the button can rotate to control the size of the air jet. On top of this is a lithium battery, and an electric motor. The top is a bit like a scepter, with a set of fans installed. The air is coming in from the top and ejection from the top. Use air to form a awning on top of your head to protect you from the rain. Air umbrellas produce significantly less noise than ambient noise, and the device is also waterproof. When it is opened, the diameter of the umbrella is about 1 meter, and by adjusting the size of the umbrella, it can be used for two people.