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What color of umbrellas are best for uv protection?

Mar 06, 2018


the sunscreen effect of sunshade has a lot to do with the color, and the dark color is better than the light color.

2)fabric thickness 

fabric thickness is prevented bask in effect is better than a thin, don't blindly pursue fashion choices pencil umbrella, the manufacturer of the fabric for use in pursuit of small size also is thin, you want the same yarn count of the fabric thin means that the fiber is fine, of course is pervious to light, so still thick fabrics is prevented bask in good, but it also can see a thing or two from the price.


sun umbrella on the market is divided into super light frame and alloy frame two kinds, general recommendation choose lightweight frame, because the use of lightweight frame aluminum alloy or acrylic material, light weight, long service life, general life span of six years or so, but the downside is the skeleton stout; Alloy frame slender, commonly used pencil umbrella, but weight is heavy than burly umbrella, and cannot be used on a rainy day, because the iron is easy to rust, so if used as an umbrella, life also only 1 year, although the purchase price is low, but life is also low.

4) coating

sun umbrella sunscreen weapons in addition to the fabric itself and coating, coating layer is divided into the upper and the internal coating, coating for reflective material, open the sun umbrella can find good sun umbrella on a layer of pearl powder luster, is prevented bask in coating, the brighter the better; Internal coating is black, because black shading effect is best, in order to keep beautiful just coated in it, but the black coating life is only two years, long-term illuminate fold will be shattered, effect.