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Uv sunshades general detection method

Mar 08, 2018

As you probably know, the smaller the uv transmittance, the better the protection. The ability of different materials, uv transmittance, but how to measure ultraviolet transmittance, probably a lot of people don't know, because so far, countries are not a unified testing uv protection standard, here are some simple detection method, for you to choose uv protection umbrella when the sun is used.

For example, the uv transmittance is 0.01% for silver glue umbrella. The transmittance of white cloth cover is 0.98%; Linen fabric is 2.17%; The fabric is 9.92%. Nylon fabric is 10.34%. Of course, the smaller the ability, the better the protection, and there is no doubt about it. With this general test, you can see that nylon has the worst ability, so if you buy an umbrella to protect yourself from uv light, it's best not to pick the fabric.

But there is a simple method to measure the umbrella of the uv effect: take several umbrella, advertising umbrella, choice of different materials, on the outside and inside put a same thermometer, exposure after 10 minutes, look at the umbrella inside and outside temperature difference, temperature difference is the uv protection effect is good, on the other hand is less effective.

But we want to understand a problem, we test here is that the degree of uv protection umbrella, exactly when you need a good effect of the umbrella's point of view, you see this with umbrella wholesale market umbrella quality are two problems, not the uv effect good sunshade cloth quality must be good, so is not a concept.