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Umbrella Handle

Feb 23, 2018


Wood, plastic, bamboo whip, aluminum, foreskin

1. The wood of the umbrella head is usually wood, wood, acacia and maple. The rest of the wood is solid wood, and the wood quality is the worst. The wood is slightly better, this material is used the most; The maple material is the best in the three solid wood materials, and the price is about two or three times the price of the wood. If the material of the wooden umbrella is not dry, the finished product is easy to crack when dry.

2. There are many types of plastic, generally used with PP and ABS materials, and PP materials can not be electroplated; ABS materials can be electroplated, both vacuum and water - plated. The ABS is crunchy and the touch is more crisp, while the PP is more boring.

3. The bamboo whip umbrella is usually made of bamboo roots, which are of higher grade and more expensive. 4. The aluminum umbrella has a slender head, and there are two kinds of surface treatment methods: one is to conduct anodic treatment on the surface; The other is to add a layer of foreskin.

2) Specifications

1. The outer diameter of the straight umbrella is usually 23mm and 25mm, and the inner diameter usually has single and double sections. The size of the pore diameter is determined by the medium bar.

2. With the middle rod with external teeth, the tooth diameter of the inner tooth of the umbrella is usually 14mm, but there are coarse teeth and fine teeth; It is usually only with a diameter of 16mm in the head of the umbrella with more than 40% off.