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The umbrella maintains small knowledge

Feb 06, 2018

The newly bought umbrella is a knowledge guide, must not be placed in the long term, must be washed by the rain after the acid can be placed. Before opening the umbrella, shake the ribs of the umbrella and straighten the ribs, especially the folding umbrella and the children's umbrella. Otherwise, it is easy to break the umbrella bone and tear the surface of the umbrella. The umbrella should be hung in a ventilated place, not in dusty and humid places.

When the umbrella is wet, it should be dried in time. If there is no condition for drying, the handle of the umbrella should be placed downward, so that the water on the umbrella will flow down the umbrella bone. If the umbrella is pointed down, the water will gather at the top, easily decaying the umbrella, and the iron will be prone to rust when it is stained with water.

When the umbrella is dyed black, it contains acid. Do not hang it on the alkaline wall of lime to prevent chemical reaction and make it crisp. The handles are mostly plastic and should not be exposed to high temperatures.