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The material of several advertising umbrella

Oct 18, 2017

The material of several advertising umbrella is introduced:

ABS material

ABS plastic is ternary copolymer of styrene - acrylonitrile - butadiene, commonly known as for ABS plastic, the critical surface tension is 34 to 38 mn/cm, thermal deformation temperature is between 70 and 107 ℃.


ABS reworked material used is to use ABS material crushing after regeneration as expected. Divided into a reworked material and secondary reworked material and so on. Most of the reworked material can only be used to produce more products, such as basin, plastic trash cans, buckets, etc.

Silver tape commonly used silver fabric with polyester (polyester), also known as polyester silk cloth, coating a layer of silver in polyester + silver glue tape (polyester + silver plasters), synthetic up dedicated silver polyester tape (Bank of polyester plastic sheets).

Other high-grade silver silver glue tape can also use the PG cloth, this cloth is referred to as the PG silver tape. More high-grade feels better, waterproof and uv protection effect is better.

Electricity the umbrella stand

General said the electricity the umbrella stand, refers to the the shelves, and looks like black is after high temperature black antirust paint, electroplating ?