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The knowledge of umbrellas is widespread

Mar 21, 2018

When it comes to umbrellas, most people just know a thing or two about umbrellas. In fact, there are many kinds of umbrellas, such as umbrellas, advertising umbrellas and umbrellas. Now, let me introduce you.

(I) sun umbrella
It is mainly used to protect the sun from direct sunlight and to block rainwater. Solar umbrellas block about 70 percent of the uv light, but can't isolate the reflected ultraviolet. Without uv coating umbrella, also can use the sun umbrellas, ordinary black umbrella defense effect is relatively good, followed by pink, yellow, and red almost no uv protection function.


(2) clear umbrella

Fine rain can be used, but shading effect is slightly weak, prevent bask in effect general.


(iii) advertising umbrella
A modern and novel advertisement carrier, the design is not limited, the structure arbitrary choice, beautiful and durable, the quality price, is an important form of advertisement publicity.