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The classification of the tent, umbrella

Oct 31, 2017


There are several kinds of tent umbrella classification, see together!

Tents have type dome tents, camp tents, self supporting tent, tent can provide a private space in the open field; Outdoor tent is divided into two categories: three seasons of tents and the four seasons tent, every manufacturer is in accordance with the tent can accommodate to categorize the tent, the number of single tents, double tents, tent, etc. Three people, of course, sometimes there are other specifications, such as 1-2 tents, 2-3 tents and so on.

Outdoor sports tent is divided into two categories: season tent (ordinary outdoor activities) and the four seasons tent (winter/mountain). Below we detail the difference between the two types of tents.

Three quarters tents, were generally mild and commonly used in spring, summer, autumn season 3 is relatively mild climate. Three season tent can usually be performed well in the wind and rain, but design also determines their features are difficult to deal with too much snow. If a three season tent can sustain it 2 inches of snow, when the falling snow reached 20 inches thick, you must have trouble

Convertible tent: can be adjusted for 3 season tents and four seasons tents, adjustment method is usually from the tents of the support system in tear down 1 to 2 support bar, as well as provide a removable ventilation parts in the design, in the mild weather can be removed or opened in order to strengthen ventilated. Still have a kind of used for warm weather tent, very light weight, and thin, general capacity of

Is the simplest form of single tents, basically, this tent is just a piece of curtain rod in a hold up with several vents ponchos, in warmer weather, can open the vents of the zipper, to strengthen the ventilation, camping bags (Bivy sacks, or translation: sleeping bag tents) can only provide you with the most limited shelter space. Account bag can only accommodate a man and his sleeping bag. Central when you climb up the cliff, and want to spend the night in steep rock platforms, you will find that the ordinary tents don't have a space, and at that time, the account is the bag come in handy when, need to weigh the various aspects need to choose what kind of tent. If the most important for you to save weight, then the tent bag is worth you to consider, when you need enough empty account 

Family with tents, can accommodate more people, is commonly 4 to 6 people, sometimes even more. Dome model can be split by many people to carry, and the type of campground, there can only be used for fixed facilities