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Swaine Adeney Brigg

Mar 28, 2018

Classic malacca cane handle.
Swaine Adeney Brigg (SAB) the brand was established in 1750, has long been a British imperial umbrella supplier, not only make the world's top umbrella, also for Rolls-Royce, bentley and other premium factory manufacturing luggage, even whip indiana Jones films Swaine Adeney Brigg's products.

There are several brands under the SAB. Swaine Adeney is mainly made of luxury leather products, mainly in various traditional bags and leather cases, which are extremely durable. Brigg was an umbrella, and was founded in 1836. It was a merger with Swaine Adeney in 1943. Therefore, the nameboard of SAB's umbrella usually only plays Brigg, and the umbrella of SAB is also called Brigg.

Brigg umbrella only top, not cheap products, its representative work is the malacca cane made umbrella umbrella handle, other also include oak, ebony, cherry wood, walnut and other materials produced by the umbrella. Starts at 285 pounds, this is just on the surface of the nylon umbrella, with silk umbrella to add below 330 pounds, you can also add 60 pounds carved his name abbreviations, full custom fee (Bespoke) words, such as to increase the size, special materials (such as gold and silver or crocodile skin, etc.) or the shape of the handle and so on.
Brigg's umbrella was introduced in the Japanese drama "my gentleman's fashion" (episode 8), which is more seductive: "when you open it, you hear the sound of the first snowfall." I've tried it, slowly opening it up to have a voice, actually because of the tension of the squeaking, or the Japanese would describe it.

Small review: Brigg umbrella is simple, low-key, elegant, durable, this is the biggest characteristic of his eight characters, simple at first glance is very humble, low-key, elegant surprise, durable life: not bad. So Brigg is definitely the number one in my mind.